Exioms recently launched its new channel for creating your own channel. It's not a blog because here you will get various features like photo gallery, video gallery , news section, blog and other social channel integration like facebook, twitter etc.

If you are a social entrepreneur then there are already lots of challenges you are facing so in that case no one want to pay for website or some other paid stuff but here most of the NGO's don't understand importance of web presence. Today everyone is in front of their laptop so if you want to reach then internet is the fastest medium. I am not saying My Channel is the only one there are lots of free website builder you use them for creating your own website.

Here I have some FREE website builder tools:

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My Channel is not a website builder so you don't have to build or design website for you it's already built. You have to just upload your photos, videos or blog whatever you want it has very simple admin panel for managing your stuff.

Why My Channel even there is Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and more?

My Channel is a platform where you can use single website for managing your stuff like photos,video, news, blog etc. You can also integrate your Facebook and Twitter pages with My Channel.

Top 10 Reasons to choose My Channel

  • Your Own Channel and It's FREE
  • Photo/Video/Audio Gallery
  • News Manager
  • Blog Manager
  • Contact/Feeback Form
  • Social Integration
  • Comment Module
  • Invite more friends for better interaction
  • Event Module
  • Birthday reminder module

1It's a CMS so you can manage everything yourself.

2There are lots of Themes, you can change your themes daily just on single click there is no installation at all.

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You can check few channels which will are really interested

You can register your channel at http://webplus.exioms.com/my_channel.php and your channel will be activated within a Hour. That's pretty cool isn't it?